The Volatility Edge In Options Trading, Book by Jeff Augen

Volatility Edge In Options Trading Review

Full title of this book is The Volatility Edge in Options Trading: New Technical Strategies for Investing in Unstable Markets.

The book goes logically from basic (but rather quantitatively explained) option pricing theory over practical trading remarks to more unique discussion on possible sources of edge. At the beginning it covers the Black-Scholes model, option Greeks, and binomial models. Then it discusses practical issues like liquidity and bid-ask spreads. The next chapters discuss managing simple and complex option positions, also briefly touching the VIX index (although the book was first published in 2008 when the market for VIX derivatives and exchange traded products was much different from now). Among the most interesting parts of the book are the chapters about trading of the earnings and expiration cycles. The final chapter provides several ideas regarding technology, discussing topics such as data mining or trade modeling (these topics are covered in greater detail in Jeff Augen’s other book, Microsoft Excel for Stock and Option Traders).

Jeff Augen, previously an IBM executive, is obviously a rather quantitative options trader and author. His background includes, in his own words, “writing hundreds of thousands of lines of computer code, constructing numerous financial-history databases, creating new data visualization tools, and, most important, executing more than 3,000 trades.” His book is directed at intermediate or advanced option traders. If you are a beginner willing to learn the basic terms, this book is not the best to start with. But if you already know something about options (and even if you think you know a lot), you will most likely find this book interesting at least.

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