VIX Chart

VIX Index Chart

The following are long-term historical charts of the VIX (CBOE Volatility Index).

VIX long term chart (1990-2013, closing values only)

As you can see, the lows in VIX have been just below 10, while it reached almost 90 during the heat of the financial crisis in autumn 2008. The long-term average value of VIX Index has been somewhere between 20 and 22.

Here you can see more details about the highest VIX closing and intraday values in history:

VIX All-Time High

VIX Chart, 2007-2013

VIX long term chart (2007-2013, closing values only)

VIX Live Chart

You can find live VIX charts on the official website of  or on major financial portals such as  or . These charts are updated intraday, but still delayed a few minutes. For real-time live VIX charts, you will need to have an online brokerage account or subscribe to a paid market data service.

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