Can You Buy VIX? Can You Sell VIX?

What VIX Is and Why You Can’t Buy It (Directly)

First let’s make sure you know what VIX is. VIX is an index. It is not a stock.

VIX (like other indices) is not directly tradable.

You cannot buy VIX. You cannot sell VIX.

Here you can see more detailed explanation on why you can’t buy or sell a volatility index.

Ways to Buy VIX

However, you can buy derivatives on VIX and other securities related to VIX. They are especially:

It is not that simple though. The prices of these securities, although related to the VIX, do not move in the same way as the VIX index itself. For example, you can go long a VIX futures contract and still lose money while the VIX index is rising. The pricing and trading of VIX derivatives (and volatility derivatives in general) is very complex and can involve high mathematics and statistics. Without any ambition to make you ready for profitable VIX trading, this page can serve as a good introduction: Trading the VIX.

Here you can find all research and resources related to the VIX:

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