Can VIX Options Be Exercised?

VIX Options Can Be Exercised Only at Expiration

VIX options are European style, which means that they can be exercised only at expiration and not earlier.

VIX options are cash settled. This means two things:

  1. You don’t need to worry about ending up with an unwanted position in VIX after expiration.
  2. If you are holding a long position in VIX options and they are in the money (based on the settlement value), you will get cash credited to your account. Typically the cash is credited the day after VIX expiration day, usually on Thursday. VIX settlement value is published on the during the expiration day (usually an hour or two after markets open).

VIX Options Automatic Exercise

Generally, VIX options are automatically exercised if they are at least 0.01 in the money on expiration and you don’t need to give any instructions to your broker. However, you should check the expiration and settlement procedures with your particular broker – they may be different.

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