Calculate Range in Excel

Calculating Range In Excel

Range is the difference between High and Low in a particular time period. The Range formula is very straightforward:

Range = High – Low

In Excel, you simply take the cell containing the High and subtract the cell containing the Low from it – see screenshot from ATR Calculator below.

Calculating Range in Excel: Screenshot from ATR Calculator

Obviously, unlike with many other financial calculations, you need market data in the OHLC or HLC format, as High and Low enter the Range calculation.

Calculate Range in Excel ATR Calculator

The Average True Range (ATR) Calculator is available in Free Downloads. I have designed it to calculate ATR, but there is also Range (High less Low) calculated in column F in the sheet “ATR Calculation” (as calculating Range is part of the more complex process of calculating ATR).

Average True Range (ATR) is a more advanced concept of Range and more suitable in some types of markets compared to the traditional Range. Here you can see a detailed explanation of True Range and ATR Calculation.

Here you can download the ATR Excel Calculator.

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