Black-Scholes-Merton Calculator

Black-Scholes-Merton Option Calculator

The Black-Scholes Calculator is based on Merton’s expansion of the original Black-Scholes option pricing model, so it can calculate option prices with dividend yield. You can see more details here:

Black-Scholes Calculator (Dividend Yield Included)

You can find the assumptions behind both Black and Scholes’ and Merton’s version of the model explained in chapter 2 and the (very little) differences in formulas explained in chapter 9 of the Instructions and Notes PDF for the calculator.

Black-Scholes and Merton’s Papers

Here you can see more details about the original papers by Black+Scholes and Merton that introduced the model to the world in 1973:

Black-Scholes Calculator

Here you can see more information about functions and features of the Black-Scholes Calculator.

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