Average True Range (ATR) Calculator

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You can find more details about individual features, exact contents of the PDF guide, and screenshots below:

Supported Indicators and Calculation Methods

The calculator can calculate 12 different variations of Average Range or Average True Range:

4 Types of Range

  • Range = high less low
  • True Range = the greatest of high less low, high less previous close, and previous close less low
  • % Range = Range divided by previous close
  • % True Range = True Range divided by previous close

3 Average Methods

  • Simple moving average
  • Exponential moving average: a = 2/(n+1)
  • Wilder's smoothing method: a = 1/n

Note: The original ATR as introduced by J. Welles Wilder Jr. is True Range + Wilder method.

You can set any period length on any of the variations.

The calculation methods are explained in chapter 4 of the PDF guide.

ATR Calculator PDF Guide

The PDF guide provides detailed instructions and notes for using the calculator and explains the differences between individual calculation methods. You can find an overview of the contents below:

ATR Calculator Guide table of contents
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Screenshots – This is How the Calculator Looks:

ATR Calculator

The main calculation sheet. You can calculate up to 3 different indicators at the same time (columns K-M).

ATR Calculator

Here you can set parameters of the indicators. You can choose from 4 types of range (Range, True Range, % Range, and % True Range) and 3 averaging methods (simple moving average, exponential moving average, and the original Wilder's smoothing). You can set any period length in the yellow cells (K8-M8).

ATR Calculator

The chart sheet displays 2 charts: the upper chart with price and the lower chart with the indicators.

ATR Calculator

Here you can set which of the indicators to display. Chart scales are adjusted automatically by a macro.

ATR Calculator

The sheet where you enter data. Pushing the button on the right will sort the data from oldest to newest, import it into the calculation sheet, and build indicator formulas. The macro will also check your data for any errors, such as missing prices or non-numeric cells.

Excel Versions and Macros

The default version of the calculator uses Excel macros to make it convenient and easy to use. If you can't or don't want to use macros, there is also a macro-free version available.

All Excel Versions:

ATR_Calculator.xlsm = default version (all features, easiest to use)

ATR_Macro-Free.xlsx = macro-free version (if you can't use macros)

ATR_for_Excel_97-2003.xls = Excel 97-2003 version

ATR_for_Excel_97-2003_Macro-Free.xls = macro-free Excel 97-2003 version

Every user gets access to all versions plus the PDF guide.

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