About sesyixo.ru

sesyixo.ru provides software, research and consulting services, mainly in the areas of financial derivatives pricing, risk management, strategy development and market data processing. Our customers include particularly asset managers, financial advisers, banking/trading professionals and individual investors.

Our most popular products are a range of Excel calculators, including the Black-Scholes Calculator, Option Strategy Payoff Calculator, Option Strategy Simulator, and several other calculators for options, volatility, technical analysis and statistics. For an overview of all calculators and more details about each, see Calculators. To get a calculator please buy here (one-time payment by card or PayPal, instant access to downloads).

To enquire about a custom research, consulting or software development service, please contact us.

The website, all our products and services, and all our other communication are subject to Terms of Use. Please read them carefully.

The business was started by in 2009 and got the sesyixo.ru name in January 2012.

Legal contact information:

For contacting us please use the online contact form.

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